Important Information Regarding COVID-19

If You Experience a Dental Emergency, Please Avoid Visiting the Emergency Room.

At Merchant Endodontics our commitment to the health and well-being of our patients and community is our highest priority.  As we face the coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis, we remain dedicated to providing urgent dental care to safeguard our patients.

Please know, patient safety is and has always been a hallmark of our practice.

We are continually monitoring the Centers for Disease Control’s latest guidelines and implementing their updated recommended safety precautions to protect our patients. Rest assured, our policies and procedures continue to meet or exceed CDC standards, including the use of hospital grade disinfectants.



  • Medical grade air purification system located in the reception area
  • This specialized air filter pulls these aerosols into the Hepa-Rx system and works with activated carbon to remove 99.998% of particles. Any remaining particle is destroyed by the Ultraviolet and Titanium Dioxide. The purified air is then charged with negative ions, re-energizing our office air.


  • Each patient operatory is equipped as a negative pressure room.  This technology is usually found in hospital settings. 
  • The air in our patient operatories undergoes 12 changes per hour. New air entering the room is first cycled through 2 HVAC systems followed by UV light sterilization.
  • Negative pressure rooms prevent viruses and airborne diseases from leaving the room and infecting others as well as cleaning in the air in rooms between patients.


Other Preventative Measures:

  • All patients must wear a face mask when they are in reception area
  • All team members are wearing face masks
  • Front desk is protected with plexiglass barrier
  • Reception area is wiped down with antibacterial wipes throughout the day

In this time of uncertainty, we thank you for continuing to trust us with your endodontic specialty care. We remain dedicated to serving you, your family and our community.

Merchant Endodontics